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Dealing with debt

Trying to deal with the effects of debt can be difficult – especially if you’ve received letters from lenders or debt collection agencies, or are worried about bailiffs turning up at your door. Here you’ll find information on how you can deal with debt…

Dealing with bailiffs – the dos and don’ts

When you are faced with the threat of bailiffs it can be a worrying time, but bailiffs have to abide by strict rules in accordance with the law. So what do you do when they come knocking on your door?…Read more.

What happens if debts are sold to debt collection companies?

If you are struggling with debts and missed payments, you may be worrying that the debt will be passed on to debt-collection companies. Perhaps you are already in a position where this has happened and you are worried about what will happen next… Read more.

Dealing with debt collection agencies

If you are experiencing financial problems you may have been struggling to pay your debts for some time. Getting a stream of endless calls or demanding letters can be unpleasant but not totally unexpected if you are not able to pay what you owe. However, you may suddenly receive a request for payment from a debt collection agency and need advice on what to do next…Read more.

Dealing with harassment from lenders

If you are in debt you may be feeling stressed by the constant payment demands. Although lenders are entitled to pursue you for any outstanding money, there are set guidelines in law to prevent lenders from undue harassment…Read more.

Dealing with identity fraud and debt

You only have to watch the news to see that identity fraud is on the increase and the main reason thieves want your identity is so that they can run up debt in your name and access your personal finances… Read more.

What to do if you’ve fallen behind on your gas bill

Whilst gas bills vary by region and supplier, many people will have noticed an increase in the cost of their bills in recent months… Read more.

Can I set up my own Debt Management Plan?

If your circumstances have changed and you are now struggling to repay debts that you could once afford, a Debt Management Plan could help you manage your finances and repay your debts at a more affordable rate…Read more.

Tips on dealing with mortgage arrears

If you are having difficulty meeting your mortgage payments, or have got behind with the payments, then it is important to speak to your lender as soon as possible. Lenders can offer many ways of helping you and are more likely to be responsive if you make them aware of the situation rather than just ignoring it…Read more.

Tips on dealing with rent arrears

The full regulations relating to rent arrears depend on the type of tenant that you are and the length of time that you have been renting your home. Therefore, we will briefly cover the types of tenancies before giving suggestions on what to do about rent arrears…Read more.

Dealing with child benefit cuts

The changes in the rules around child benefit, which came into effect earlier this year, have left many families confused, frustrated and worried about how a reduction in their income will impact on their household. Understanding the basic principles of these changes and what you can do if you have been affected, will boost your family’s resilience to your new circumstances… Read more.

Dealing with rising utility costs

With the cost of gas and electricity continuing to rise, keeping warm and being able to see the pages in a good novel of an evening may feel more like luxuries than basic home comforts, but there are some steps you can take to combat price hikes.. Read more.

Dealing with debts after Christmas

Every year people across the country will aim to take charge of their finances as part of their New Year’s resolutions. If you’re struggling with debts and want to start tackling the problem, what can you do? Read more.

I have catalogue debts – what can I do?

Catalogue ordering is now amongst the primary causes of personal debt throughout the country, with customers increasingly susceptible to the temptation of the opportunity to receive goods without immediate payment… Read more.

Struggling with store card debt – what can I do?

The lure of store cards can be incredibly difficult to resist – especially as they almost always come with tempting promotional offers… Read more.

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