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Free Guide To Debt Management Plans

When you’re in debt, it can be difficult to know where to turn. You may not know about the types of debt help services available or what solution would suit you best.

But don’t worry – because our team of financial experts have put together a free debt guide for you that will tell you all about the services available, who they are suitable for and how they could help you clear debt.

The first of our debt guides: Baines & Ernst’s Guide to Debt Management Plans provides a clear overview of what a Debt Management Plan is and how it works, plus information on other debt help services including Individual Voluntary Arrangements, Debt Relief Orders, Bankruptcy, Protected Trust Deeds and Sequestration.

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How to . . .

We’ve also put together an excellent ‘How to’ section – giving you all the information you need to know on how to manage your financial situations and how to get out of debt!

How to get out of debt

When you’re in debt it can sometimes be hard to imagine an end to the financial stress you’re dealing with. The recession combined with inflation rates and sky-rocketing prices on general living costs have only contributed to the nation’s financial woes – making it harder for people to manage debts alone… Read more…

How to deal with redundancy

Redundancy is something that happens to other people, right? And as long as you work hard, don’t take any time off sick and are competent, you are safe, correct? Unfortunately, many people across the UK are discovering that no matter how good they are at their job, or how diligent they… Read more…

How to take a step to change your financial situation

When you are struggling with debt it can feel like you’re fighting a losing battle just to keep your head above the water. If you want to help yourself get out of your stressful financial situation then there are some steps that can change the amount of your outgoings every month. Read more…

How to get help with childcare costs

Whether you have a young baby or a teenagers, you may be able to get some welcome help with childcare costs. Childcare is expensive and can make a real dent in your pay packet if you’re a working parent, so it makes sense to ensure you claim what you are entitled to… Read more.

How to deal with child maintenance debt

Child maintenance debt is considered an unsecured debt as no collateral is given. It is, however, considered a priority debt and one that should not be defaulted on unless a person’s financial circumstances have changed and they absolutely cannot afford the monthly payments… Read more.

How to pay off wedding debts

Most girls dream of a fairytale wedding, yet the costs of staging the big day can mean a less than perfect start to married life. Research by insolvency body, R3, found that it takes the average couple nearly three years to pay for their wedding and with the typical costs more… Read more…

How to cope with divorce and debt repayments

Divorce is never a pleasant process but if the couple have a significant amount of debt it can make things even more protracted and messy. And even once the split is finalised, coping on a reduced income and managing your finances takes careful budgeting, whether you are staying in the house… Read more…

How to manage funeral debts

Losing someone close to you can be a traumatic experience but if there isn’t enough money in the estate to pay for funeral costs it can lead to difficult decisions. No-one likes to think of their loved ones not having the send off they deserve and arranging a fitting memorial is… Read more…

How to manage debts while on maternity leave

Having a baby is one of the most exciting times in your life but if you are struggling with debts, the prospect of being on maternity leave and suffering a drop in income, can be a real worry… Read more…

How to find a good debt management company

According to Credit Action – the National Money Education Charity – at the end of August 2012, the average household debt stood at more than £55,000 and the total amount of personal debt across the UK standing at an eye-watering £1.458 trillion, it’s not difficult to see why there are… Read more…

How to claim pension fuel allowance

If you’re about to retire, you’ll be very aware that every penny counts. Make sure you know what you’re entitled to and how to get it – especially when it comes to pension fuel allowance… Read more.

How to break free from the cycle of debt

If you are struggling with debts, facing mounting interest payments and suffering from missed-payment charges, things can easily spiral out of control… Read more.

How to deal with summer childcare costs

With the summer holidays already under way, many parents will be starting to feel the pressure of childcare costs. Is there anything you can do to limit the costs or could you look at an alternative solution?… Read more.

How to protect your finances from online hackers

More and more of our financial transactions are being carried out online. Whether we’re checking our bank accounts or doing our weekly grocery shopping, our personal details are entered on a range of sites. However, how can you protect yourself from online hackers who can gain access to your accounts or personal information?.. Read more.

How to earn cash from your home

Sometimes the month just feels too long and there’s not enough money to go around. You might not realise it, but your house can actually help you to make money… Read more.

How do I clear utility bill debts?

With ever increasing utility bills, it can sometimes be hard to keep on top of your monthly budget. If you’re struggling to get by and pay back arrears, then there are ways in which we can help… Read more.

How to rebuild your credit rating

If you’ve had financial difficulties in the past, then paying off your debts is only the start of the process of rebuilding your credit score. However you chose to repay them, you’ll often have damaged your credit rating. You probably won’t want to run up large debts again, but how can you repair your credit score?.. Read more.

How to get good fresh food on a budget

If you still want to eat healthily but have a strict budget, here are some top tips and where to look for recipe ideas… Read more.

How do I stop lenders calling me about debts?

One of the biggest worries for people with large debts is the constant pressure from lenders. So can you stop the seemingly never-ending phone calls and letters can lead to additional stress at a time when you’re struggling to keep up with your monthly commitments? Read more.

How to stop interest and charges on debts

Accumulating interest and charges on debts can be a huge problem and can stop you making any impact on the actual balance owed. There are ways in which you can get your lenders to freeze the interest and charges and work towards becoming debt-free… Read more.

How to clear mobile phone debt

If you find yourself with mobile phone debt, what options are open to you? Read more.

Five ways to stop wasting cash

Ever get to the end of the month and wonder where all your money has gone? We’re all guilty of a little over spending – sometimes without even realising we’re doing it! But by making some small changes to our spending habits we could all make some significant savings.. Read more.

How to clear Christmas debts

Every year a great number of people run up overdraft and credit card debt in order to pay for Christmas. Once January comes, the thought of trying to pay it all back is a huge worry alongside the already high cost of living… Read more.

How to change your financial outlook in the New Year

You can make 2015 different and commit to changing how you handle your finances. Whether you have a large amount of debt or just want to be better organised, we can all benefit from tackling our financial situation… Read more.

How to cut household bills and save money

More than a quarter of all the energy used in the UK every year is used in homes. This can have a massive effect on the planet and on your pocket… Read more.

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Find the right solution

Answer a few simple questions and we'll help you find your solution.
  • Total unsecured debt: £500

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

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