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Know your consumer rights

It’s not uncommon to receive letters from lenders regarding legal action if you have missed repayments. If you have received a worrying letter, make sure you know what your consumer rights are…

Consumer rights relating to debts

If you are struggling with debts, you would hope that the companies you are dealing with follow an ethical code of practice and stick within the law. Unfortunately, this is not always the case and some rogue firms try to apply unfair pressure or insinuate they have more powers than they do… Read more.

Understanding your credit report

If you are having difficulty obtaining credit it could be due to the information that appears on your credit report. This includes details of any arrears that you may have had in the past, and any County Court Judgements, Bankruptcy Orders or Individual Voluntary Arrangements, as well as other factors… Read more.

How to re-build credit rating

In today’s fluid economy, having access to credit has become an essential financial tool. If you’ve been less than perfect when it comes to making repayments on time, you could find that your credit rating has been adversely affected. While it may not affect your day to day life, you’ll find life much more difficult when you need to secure credit for something really important – like buying a house or financing a car… Read more.

What happens if you don’t go to court over unpaid debts

If you have unpaid debts which you have been unable to reach an agreement with a lender about, you may find yourself asked to respond to a court summons. Even if the amount in question is relatively small, under £5,000, your lender can still opt to take you to court… Read more.

What happens when you go to court over unpaid debts?

If you have an unpaid debt, you may find paperwork from the courts waiting for you on the doormat one morning. Your lenders have the right to pursue action against you through the courts, if they believe you have not paid what you owe… Read more.

Can I go to prison over unpaid debts?

In the current economic climate, more people than ever are struggling to scrape together enough money to keep a roof over their head as well as pay off all their debts. But what happens when you simply don’t have enough money… Read more.

My partner is deceased – will I still be liable for his or her debts?

It’s a hard enough time when you lose someone close to you, but worrying about their outstanding debts can add to your pain. This article should help you to understand some of the rules relating to your responsibilities if your partner has left debts… Read more.

Can a friend take me to the small claims court?

With banks tightening their lending criteria, making it harder to get approval for credit, more individuals are turning towards their friends and family to borrow money… Read more.

What should I do if my debts have been sold to a debt collection agency?

If you’re struggling to repay your debts lenders could sell your debt to a debt collection agency. If this happens, what should you do and how can you start tackling your debts? Read more.

What to do if your student loan has been sold to a debt collection agency

The government recently announced that it had sold £890 million of old student loans to a private debt collection consortium – what impact will it have on you? Read more.

Can I go to prison if I don’t pay council tax?

Getting into arrears with your council tax can be worrying, especially with the prospect of prison for those who continually refuse to pay… Read more.

In debt with doorstep lender, what should I do?

What course of action can you take if you’re in debt to a doorstep lender and what sources of help are available?.. Read more.

Can I go to prison if I don’t pay a fine?

There are some fines, such as those for parking, school attendance and TV licences, where there is the possibility of being sent to prison if you fail to pay on time… Read more.

What to do if you’ve been a victim of credit card or debit card fraud

Losing or having your debit or credit card stolen can be an incredibly unsettling experience. Even worse is finding out that cards have been used without your authority, whether as a result of theft, loss, card cloning or identity fraud…Read more.

Compensation for customers who have experienced bank card problems

If a bank glitche has caused a complete stop to all banking transactions for several hours, you may be wondering if there is anything you can do to receive some sort of compensation… Read more.

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