Fish & Chips Inflation – Infographic

fish and chips infographic

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Fish and chips still remains the favourite take away meal in the UK despite fierce competition. The exact origins are unknown but it has been established that chips arrived from France during the 18th Century. There was also mention of fried fish and bread in ‘Oliver Twist’ by Dickens, published in the 1830s. Eventually they came together with the opening of the first fish and chip shop around the 1850s.

Growth in the number of shops was rapid, peaking in the 1930s to around 35,000 shops in the UK.

Price increases

Fish and chips used to be thought of as cheap, as well as convenient, but sadly that is no longer the case.

That tasty portion that would have cost 25p in 1970 is now around £3.30 on average, although you can pay as little as £2.50 in some parts of the country. The worse price rises came in the 1970s, taking the average price of a portion of fish and chips to 83p by 1980. Inflation has remained low during the 21st century, but prices are still rising.

Regional price variations

Prices vary tremendously from region to region. Some prices are as low as £2.50 for a portion of fish and chips, whereas in London prices average at £5 a portion according to the website